Woman Crush Wednesday - Julie

It’s #WCW (Woman Crush Wednesday) and we’re making the first Wednesday of every month our day! We’ll be featuring women in our lives, from employees, to our customers, and we’re kicking off this Wednesday with the owner herself, Julie!

Aside from being an assistant photographer back in the day, Julie first started making her own crafts & selling vintage furniture out of her front porch in her farmhouse north of Sibley. She then decided to make a burnt down building hers. Some people thought she was crazy. She opened up The Porch on Main in March of 2000. That’s 19 years ago! It’s a HUGE milestone (just wait until next year!) and it’s been a great business for Sibley. You can definitely find something for anyone!

Julie creates the most beautiful floral arrangements and makes sure that you love it too! Do you have a wedding coming up and need flowers? Julie is also the one who makes those gorgeous bouquets we post about. (Talk about talented!) She meets with brides and goes over their entire day to make sure everything is perfect!

Julie doesn’t just run her own business. (That would be crazy if she did just that right!?) She volunteers on multiple committees. (You know that new outdoor pool in Sibley? Oh yeah, she helped make that happen with an AMAZING group of women!) She’s out there always pushing for the best and making sure our community is thriving!

Want to know her favorite part about The Porch? Julie loves decorating peoples homes, near and far! She also loves visiting with the kids that come in for ice cream. They tell the best stories!